Wreay School Tree Branch Removal

Cumbria School Tree Surgery

The Problem

In March 2010 the Staff at Wreay School in Cumbria expressed their concern for a large branch that had separated from a mature Oak tree in the grounds of their School, the grounds are used for children's recreational purposes and so the problem branch needed to be dealt with immediately. The reason the branch had snapped was due to persistent high winds that had lashed Cumbria during March 2010; the branch was balanced precariously within the crown of the tree and posed an immediate threat to anyone standing below it, it was clear on inspection that the branch had to be removed as soon as possible.

The Work Carried Out

Firstly a large area of ground below the dangerous branch was cordoned off to prevent access whilst the tree work was carried out, the tree was climbed, the branch located and dealt with, it was then lowered to the ground where it could be processed, removed from site and disposed of.

The Outcome

The work carried out eliminated any risk to those on the ground, the area was now safe once again and was reopened and put into normal eveyday use.

Tree work techniques carried out at Wreay School Cumbria

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